You can make a difference

Whether you raise one, five, or ten thousand dollars—or even more—your efforts will be a critical part of our success. Raising money sounds hard until you start doing it. Everyone has friends, relatives, colleagues and a community, and they want to help. And Oligo Nation is here to help you and provide the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Fundraising is a powerful and beautiful experience. Having a brain tumor can make us feel powerless and isolated. By fundraising, you are taking a positive step—reaching out and connecting with others and telling your story. You will feel the love and support and be amazed by how generous people can be.

Ways to get involved

Personal Appeals

Fundraising EventsCreate Your Own

This is a simple and powerful way to get started. By sharing your story and your commitment to finding a cure, you can get your friends, family, colleagues and community involved in supporting Oligo research.

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Creating an event is one of the best ways to fundraise. The events can be as simple as a small gathering in your home or as big as a gala. See some of the options on how to hold your own event on this page.

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social and other media

Many companies offer matching funds on donations made by employees. In most cases, the company matches dollar for dollar.  Bigger company may have a foundation that supports employee causes.

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You can use social media to build awareness for your fundraising efforts. You can even host an event on Facebook or other social media sites.

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