Spencer invited all of his friends to a Facebook event and many of them invited their friends.

“Not only did my  Facebook event raise $2,800, 150 people posted messages of love and support which I really appreciated.”

- College Student and Oligo Survivor

Using Social Media and the Web


Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow us to reach a lot of people with ease.  Certainly if you are holding a fundraising event, you can use social media to make people aware of it or to remind them about it. By posting information and updates on your Facebook page—and having friends “like” it or repost, you get the word out to a lot of people.

You can also create a “Facebook event” that rallies your friends to your cause online.  Creating one is a simple as creating an event page and sending invitations to your Facebook friends.

Don’t Forget the “old” Media

While getting a segment on 60 Minutes or a guest spot on Colbert Report would be amazing, most of us should be thinking a little more local than this. 

For building awareness of your fundraising efforts and your story, consider local media such as your town newspaper (or online equivalent), local radio stations and newspapers.  If your college has an alumni publication, this can be a way to reach people you haven’t seen recently. 

Remember, these media outlets are looking for community news, so they may be more than willing to work with you.  For tips on how to make your story appealing to the media, check out the guide below.



Download Social and Media Guide