Creating Your Own Fundraising Event

“The event itself was a lot of fun and it felt so good to make a contribution to combat Oligo.  Next year’s event will be even better.”

- Friend of Oligo survivor who hosted a golf event

Creating your own fundraising event is a great way to generate support and tell your story in a social and fun setting.  The options are limitless and range from a barbecue to a sports tournament to a “fancy” event with special guests or entertainment.  Alternately you can have an event that involves restaurants and retailers donating a percentage of sales for a specific day or dates.

This high-school based event raised $40,000 from over 400 donors, including restaurants and local retailers. 

Make it Fun.  Whatever the event you decide upon, the goal should be that it will be fun for you, your friends and other participants. Build it around activities or social elements that will make the event enjoyable and memorable.  If you love golf or music or poker, consider basing the event on that.

Fundraising is a team sport. So recruit a few friends to help you plan and manage the event. Not only will you want the help with organizing the event, everyone has ideas and helpful contacts to bring to your effort.


To find out more about creating your own fundraising event, download the Oligo Nation guide below.  It includes ideas for events, step-by-step planning, and some examples of successful Oligo events put on by others.  

Download Fundraising Event Guide